Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Voting Dude: A Quick Thought

By know means is this a political blog, nor will it become one now; there is a glut of places to go to to hear everyone and their mother soapbox about the presidential election. From the standpoint of pop culture, I can't quite think of any other time period in my life where a singular topic was so heavily scrutinized by all facets of media; by anyone with a camera, microphone or keyboard. Even the graffiti in my subway station and on the trains are politically motivated. While it is intriguing to see politics and voting en vogue, the resulting amount of coverage, drama and theater have left me reaching for both Xanax and Tylenol. Which is pretty good considering I don't even live in a swing state and thus have been left relatively candidate-commercial free; instead left to bask in various male-enhancement drug ads.

But I will say that the media-induced headaches, anxiety and nausea were more then worth it when I swung that lever this morning. Say what you will about the fallacies of the candidates or the process, but the act of voting felt truly fulfilling. Many of the people who's eyeballs get to peruse these words enjoy the sweet fruits America can provide, and a vote is only two minutes of repayment. While it may only be one vote, it is the most fundamental act of participation in a democracy, one the original fathers of this country dreamed of and its sons have too often died for.

Go Vote!

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whats your opinion on Conrad Birdie?