Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Godfather Returns: Yay? A Short Commentary

Fact: I love original Godfather novel and the first two films even more.
Fact: The Godfather Returns, a new novel that fills in gaps in the Corleone family history, was released on November 16th. A film inevitably must follow.

Opinion: This is wrong. WRONG! Do you smell the money? Did we not learn anything from Godfather III? Francis Ford Coppola has freely admitted he did it for the money. At least that sin can be slightly forgiven because it was born and raised by the book's/movie's original architects, Coppola and Mario Puzo. But Puzo has since passed and Coppola will not do another Godfather movie. So why this and why now, besides money? Why can't we let the franchise retire and be content with the ability to re-enjoy its already glorious fruits over and over again? Whatever comes now (the new book is written by Mark Winegartner) can only feel fake, forced and for capitalism. It taints what came before. I love this country's modern pop culture for the genius of the works it's progeny can produce, like The Godfather; but I hate it when those works are flogged to death for the almighty buck (I'm looking at you Scarlett; and you, dead digital celebrities in new commercials). This, my friends, is the true crime.


Nicolas B said...

I very much doubt fracis ford coppola will agree to make another godfather movie. He considered it at one point, but then decided against it cos he thinks "the tragedy of the godfather is the tragedy of michael corleone". Besides, the book is set before godfather part 2, what are they gonna do ? get a whole new cast ? that would be unforgivable.
However, it would be interesting if they made a sequel to the godfather part 3 so we can see how michael got by after the death of her daughter. In that case there would be no need to get anyone other than al pacino to play michael.

Anonymous said...

I have read both books and they are better and quite frankly more realistic than the movies. Godfather 3 was a discrace to 1 and 2, lets make it right by hitting the reset botton. The Godfather returns does just that and Winegardner does a masterful job doing so. Everybody has to let go of this notion that the old cast must be brung back to pull this off. Al Pachino was an unknown that role made him. Give another fresh faced Italian kid the same chance. There will never be another Godfather done like that one in the 70's. But there are a number of directors that can borrow from the original while doing what Winegardner did. Make it more goodfellas style real compared to this romantic almost soap opera version that really proved to be weak in the last installment, you need a historically great cast to get away with that again. This movie can be better than the 1st, if you dont think so you havent read the books. This is much harder edged than the graceful original the movie must reflect that, forget about Coppola he aint built for that. Scorsese would be my first but not only choice.

Anonymous said...

I kind of agree with the second post. I've read the two new books and they're both better than part 3. and honestly, i think, if executed PERFECTLY, movies of returns and revenge would be fucking amazing. if done PERFECTLY. plus, to nicolas b., they couldn't do a part 4 because michael died in Sicily at the end of 3.

Anonymous said...

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