Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Your Afternoon Cup O' Pop Culture

Ashlee Simpson: Is her "acid reflux" induced bout of lip-synching a big deal? Here's a big deal for you: George Martin coming out and saying that he wrote, performed and sang while John, Paul, George and Ringo flopped their mop-tops and mouthed their lyrics. Not Ashlee friggin' Simpson. I mean, would you really be surprised if you found out Ashlee Simpson and her bubble-gum pop-tart brethren had a made a deal with the devil who then hooked them all up to some devil machine that created, controlled and performed their crack-addicting, teenaged-marketed drivel? Would you? Maybe a little, what with the devil machine and all, but you smell my drift.

Pedro Martinez: Was it me or did Pedro Martinez, in the centerfield shots while he was pitching last night and with his hair, look like the Thriller-era Michael Jackson?

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