Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Observational Dude: How Many Dudes is That?

Five I think, not counting my "evil, bent on world-domination" dudes.

Anyways, I watch the "Daily Show" like its a potato chip laced with crack with hot dark chocolate poured on top (Movie Dude translation: addicting). Last night, Jon Stewart had Nobel Prize winning, civil and world rights activist Bishop Desmond Tutu as his guest last night. In this current murky, sludgey cable news channel, simple-folk soundbite era led by Darth Cheney, Cowboy Dubya, Well-Chinned Kerry and Handsome J. Edwards, it was supremely cold-water-in-the-face-on-a-hot-day refreshing to hear the unironic, sublime human optimism that this man, who has seen the extreme best and worst humanity has to offer, conveys with an ebullient personality that would stick to you like glue that was stapled to you for reinforcement if you were lucky enough to get close to it.

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