Thursday, September 23, 2004


Fact 1: I am not a fan of most network television series. I think the sitcoms are mostly stale and boring; reality shows like repugnant hits of crack (are there any other kind?)...take one and next thing you know you would rob your mother to watch the next episode.

Fact 2: I did not breathe during the first 20 minutes of "Lost" (ABC, Wed. 8pm). It was one of the few times that I forgot I was watching network television and was shocked when a commercial break came. That's maybe happened once before that I can recall (Whoa! This talking baby show has a commercial? Blasphemy!)

Fact 3: There is some "Oh C'mon!" stuff. Way too many beautiful women on the plane (one eight months pregnant! Of course!) and the scene that irked me the most: Main man-know-it-and-do-it-all stallion Jack (Matthew Fox) getting a nasty wound stitched up by the comely Kate (Evageline Lilly) who just happened to be walking by, premeditating a boat(plane?)load of sexual tension and innuendo.

Fact 4: The pilot was so action packed and tense there was no namby-pamby time to "get to know" our characters...instead you are given tiny hints of traits and motivations that you KNOW (or hope) will develop over the run of the show.

Fact 5: I WILL watch the next episode.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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