Monday, September 27, 2004

TTPBMPCVTW (Things That Passed By My Pop Culture Visage This Weekend)

Ok. I admit it. The title is a rush job. But you only have so much time to post a "post-weekend" post and in order to create the post, you must post something quickly.


-Things I thought I'd never write on this blog and actually mean: I caught a rerun of SNL (That's a now acceptable acronym for Saturday Night Live...if you didn't know that then please immediately stop reading this) with Justin Timberlake as host and dammit, JT has talent as a comedic actor, real talent. I will now go take an hour-long shower and scrub my skin till it bleeds.

-Things that trouble me: I read somewhere that there is a plan to remake Revenge Of The Nerds. OK, I can understand Alfie (coming soon to a theater near you), a film that most of my generation (I'm 27) have not seen nor are that familiar with. Fine. But Revenge Of The Friggin Nerds?!?! I can still hear Booger's joyous "We've got bush (the non-presential kind)!!" ringing in the eardrums of my forgotten pre-adolescence. I propose a rule that before Hollywood remakes a film the producers must put it to a vote of the nations's literate 18-30 year olds. If less than 25% have not heard of the film, then go knock yourself out.

-Things that smell conspiratory (is that a word?): Taking a cue from the above, I honestly think Hollywood is churning out remakes in order to release the DVD of the older film and pump up its sales based on the (hopeful) success of the remake. How many times have you seen that happen? A hundred? A thousand? A google (remember when that word only meant a nonsensical number? Ah, innocent days)? Speaking of conspiracies, I think the razor companies of this country have us men tied around their greedy little fingers. Somehow, every year it seems they release some new technological advance (Peels cheek from bone...for an even CLOSER shave!!) that requires a big marketing campaign in order to force us to buy a new $30 razor, the Sensor Excel Edge Advantage Pump. Seriously, we're talking about friggin shaving here not a cure for cancer which requires the seemingly unending research and capital these companies dump into their next "innovation" and don't even get me started on the cold remedy companies. I'm onto those guys; find a cure and they all go out of business. You're on my list, Robitussin!!

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Dave said...

Movie Dude,

I'd warm to the idea of an Iron Eagle remake, but I would insist on Louis Gossett III or IV in the part of Col. Charles "Chappy" Sinclair. Also, they'd have to bring back the guy who played "Stiles" in Teen Wolf, because he's great. How was that guy not more famous? Resurrect that guy!